TIG MIG CMT and laser welding

We have 3 certifications in this field, 15085-CL1, 3834 and 1090, which allows us to validate processes and welders.

Our team of qualified welders, who dominate several variants in the art of welding, as well as the robotic welding equipment, that allow us to offer a wide range of welding applications.

We have all the necessary machinery to carry out works with the different types of existing welding.

Our long experience in the aluminium welding, stainless steels, carbon steels and derivatives, allows us to perform all type of welding joints. Thanks to special geometries, combining laser cutting and welding, we can create joined sets by this process, which often, give functional, esthetical and cost solutions.

Aluminium welding in Barcelona

Welding is a process that is responsible to bind two or more parts of a specific material (the most usual are metals and thermoplastics). The most common way to do this is by adding some material, of plastic or metal, which when melted is able to assemble the parts that we want to unite.

There are many companies dedicated to aluminium welding in Barcelona, but not all of them have the essential certifications to guarantee a good work. At Recam Laser, where we are specialized in metallurgical transformations, we put at your disposal the welding service. We have 3 certifications that allow us to validate both, our welders and the processes we carry out (15085-CL1, 3834 and 1090).

There exists several procedures to weld; at Recam Laser we use different techniques according to the result that we want to achieve, or the material we deal with. Depending of the morphology, lot or part size, we use manual or robotic welding:

–        Laser welding. This process consists in use the laser beam energy to melt the materials we want to unite, thanks to which we can attach two or more parts.

–       Arc welding. Both in cold welding CMT (Cold Metal Transfer) or traditional, TIG-MIG-MAG.

–       For resistance. In this case, it is realized by heating metals until reaching the melting temperature.

–       Oxyacetylene welding (flame). This uses the heat of a flame that is obtained by combustion acetylene gas with oxygen, usually.

It can be verified that are various techniques for welding metals, stainless steels, carbon steels, aluminium or derivatives. At Recam Laser we use these and other techniques to achieve quality results.

If you are looking for an aluminium welding company in Barcelona, you can contact us and we will advise on the best option.

Robotic welding

Thanks to this type of process, the repeatability of parameters and geometries can be guaranteed.
Benefits of robotic welding

This type of union have some advantages over the traditional one, among which we highlight:

–        The time of the entire process is reduced.
–        It suppose a space saving.
–        The quality of the welded parts is standardized, so the quality is optimal in all cases.
–        Accidents at work are reduced.
–        It facilitates the handling of the tools and parts.
–        It improves the traceability of manufacturing.

At Recam Laser we have 3 certifications that allow us to validate our procedures and welders, 15085-CL1, 3834 and 1090. In aluminium, stainless steel, carbon steel and derivatives.

If you are interested in our robotic welding service or in any of our specialized services, do not doubt to contact us and our team will assist you with the utmost diligence and professionalism that characterizes it.