CNC Machining

CNC machining is a process widely anchored to the metallurgical sector, both for the manufacture of individual components, as well as for components that can then be mechanically fixed or welded.

We have six machining centers in three and five axes, as well as three lathes with “C” axis and conventional machinery. We perform offline programming, as it give us agility and security in the final result.

Thanks to the programming, the experience and the team, we can manufacture the parts, however complex they are, in a short period of time, which allows us to offer the urgent service in this process too.

CNC machining

At Recam Laser we have CNC machining, we make our programming offline, which gives us great security and agility in the final result of the product.

But what is CNC?

CNC is the abbreviation of Computer Numerical Control. This system is in charge of controlling in which position it is any physical element (in this case and usually, an assembled part on a machine).

Once we give the right directions to the software, it knows where the tool is and what to do with it. In addition to verify the part coordinates, the CNC controls its movements and its speed. A CNC controls several processes:

–        CNC machining.
–        Cutting.
–        By laser.
–        By water.
–        Cutters.
–        Etc.

Thanks to this system, we can know with accuracy, what will be the final result, for which it is possible to create serial components completely equals.

CNC machining at Recam Laser

At Recam Laser we are experts in the laser cutting specially to realize industrial steel sheet. To carry it out, we have a specialized machinery that uses the most advanced technology to offer a quality service. We work with companies or individuals, focused at all time in adapt to their needs.

In our facilities we have 6 CNC machining centres, in 3 and 5 axes, and 3 lathes with “C” axis, as well as traditional machinery. The programming we use allows us to work agile and quickly and guarantee the quality of all our work and services.

CNC Bending

To perform the CNC bending, we make the preview of the final part thanks to the use of CAD 3D, which allows us to check offline, how will be the process result. So we can make the necessary changes and modifications to achieve a product with all the guarantees and quality needed.


Obtain an optimal final part, reducing the cost and without having to go through a test phase. Our long career in the sector allows us to manufacture all type of special tools for the folding of sheet, tubes, profiles or sheet metal forming and even for special geometry.

With CNC technology we can perform the repetition of work, with much more precision and the reduction of the machine preparation, in this way we can provide the final material on the appropriate time and reducing the part manufacturing costs.