Quality Policy

RECAM LASER is a company dedicated to industrial metal sheet of precision, manufacturing parts for various sectors, highlighting automobile and rail.

By means of this policy, the Direction of RECAM LASER wants to transmit the basic principles that guide the personnel’s behaviour and the company’s activities:

1.- We consider Quality as one of the fundamental pillars of the business strategy.

2.- We understand Quality as the satisfaction of the needs and expectations, not only of the clients, but also of other interested parties like suppliers and the company’s personnel.

3.- We work for increase our brand image achieved through the fulfilment of the following requirements:
·       Excellent service rate.
·       Use of the cutting-edge technologies in the sector.
·       Added value engineering.
·       Integral solutions.

4.- We have a firm commitment to continuous improvement as a basic principle of competitiveness.

5.- We commit ourselves to comply with all the requirements of the interested parties including legal and regulatory.

These aspects are materialized in the implementation of the Quality Management System and the setting of Quality objectives that allow the development of this policy.